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Post Winter Season Cricket Highlights


First team captain Ross Carnelly provided some post season cricket highlights from last term. The squad were faced with different challenges and tasks for the season and some changes off the field also.

Ross talked about visits during the winter season, “A couple of the highlights of the winter for not only the squad, but myself were the two trips to Loughborough university and Derby county cricket club to take advantage of both top class facilities respectively. Russell Cobb the Head of cricket at Loughborough watched over our session and offered some advice to our players. The facilities were excellent at DCC and I’m sure all of the boys were as grateful as me for getting the opportunity to take advantage of them. Everyone had the unique opportunity to use the Merlin bowling machine, every county in the country has at least one of these machines and I believe it was only the first or second time that the majority of the lads had batted against one of these machines. It is a spin bowling machine which can recreate the bowling of Shane Warne, again this was a challenge to the batsmen, but I’m sure we will only be better players for it”.

Ross explains how much progress the team has made this season so far, “One thing that has stood out for me over the winter has been the attitude the squad have put into their training which has been matched by their effort. There have been many younger boys coming through and impressing throughout the winter with the likes of Tim Wyatt, Daniel Andrews and Josh Pavis. All have improved and shown what they can do at training and I can safely say the future of Trent cricket is looking bright beyond this season.

Ross concludes with, “I want to thank Mr Boswell and Mr Hartley for all they have done for the squad this winter; they have both given up their free time to help us during lunchtimes. I massively appreciate all they do for us and hopefully as a team we can repay them with a successful season. I would also like to thank the ground staff for their hard work in preparing the nets and the wickets ready for the cricket season; they always do a fantastic job”.

Click here to read the full report and we look forward to watching the team’s progress over the next season, following on from this Sunday’s success.

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