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Academic Success at Trent


Success is not about being better than others, or being more popular or wealthy or powerful. It is also not just about achieving straight A*s in exams. Success is measured by the peace that you get, the self-satisfaction that you feel, in knowing that you have made every effort to do your best ... to become the very best version of yourself.

We invited a number of senior students, who had recently completed their A levels and GCSEs, to enjoy a dinner to celebrate their Academic Success this week. They are becoming their 'personal best'.

Accompanied by proud parents, the group of nearly 200 also had the chance to listen to the wisdom and insights of the Vice Chancellor of Nottingham University, Professor David Greenaway, our honoured guest.

He spoke about the excitement and challenges of university life and of the opportunities and responsibilities that our students will face when living their life in a very different world. He considered education and technology to be the two biggest opportunities for the next generation and encouraged all to gain some international knowledge or experience to broaden their view.

It was a tremendous evening, surrounded by so many of our positive young men and women.

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