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First House Activity

Extra Curricular

Firstly, may we welcome all of our new starters and current pupils to this new school year at Trent. We have had a great start and everyone is settling in nicely to what will be another very fast and exciting year.

This year sees the start of the new House System. So all pupils are now a part of either Cavendish House, Hanbury House, Kemp House, Owen House or Wright House. On Friday afternoon, staff and pupils from each house in Years 8,9,10 and 11 took part in the first ever House Activity, which was a dash around the bottom school field. The challenge was to win as many house points as possible on the day. The points are still being calculated to ascertain the winning house on the day!

For the coming weeks, the House activity will be a football and badminton competition! Let’s see who wins!

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