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Boarders' Achievements Celebrated!


The Boarders Assembly on Monday 22 April celebrated the achievements of some of our boarding community. There were over 150 in the Chapel at the awards assembly, all sharing in their appreciation of what particular individuals contribute toward make our boarding community a better place.

The evening started with Mr Cowie reflecting on some of the global events which happened over the turbulent April holiday period. Mr Cowie stressed the importance of keeping abreast of world events and the being aware of the complexities of the issues facing many parts of the world (including Syria, North Korea and Mali) which have recently been in the news. Adding that despite some tragic events (including natural disasters and acts of terrorism) it is a wonderful world that is full of so much that is good. All were encouraged to share the highpoints of their holiday with others within the boarding community so we understand each other better and focus on the positive.

The awards were presented by the Boarding Housemasters and Mistresses and these were:

For the most improved academic progress this Term Sarah Smart
For making the house ‘a happy place to be’ Emma Kok
The most commendations this term Lucy Lidgett
Most enthusiastic in joining in House activities Lily Chin

For their consistent work ethic Jack Broughton
For their acts of kindness  and for looking out for others Jay Heath
For their work for the Blake community Joe Bonser

For Academic Endeavour Daniel Tong
A most valuable contribution to the life of Shuker House Joe Walton
For their consistent work ethic James North
For their consistent work ethic George Livesey

For masterminding the Valentine Ball Tilly Murphy
For House administration Kelsey Taylor
For excellent January module results Hazel Man
For her work ethic and community spirit Presi Karastoyanova

At the end of the assembly Mr Cowie passed a special thank you to the staff present who provide all our boarders with the support, care, time and encouragement needed to be happy and high achieving.

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