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The weather didn't stop the Jordan Expedition Training!

Trips and Excursions

Over the Easter Holiday, 14 Year 9 pupils and two staff braved the freezing conditions of the Peak District in preparation for their expedition to Jordan, later this year. The training exercise allowed group members to form a strong bond and practise skills that will become vital to the success of their summer expedition.

Though temperatures were far from the 35 degrees that they expect to face in Jordan, pupils were able to experience many of the challenges that they will come across as a group, such as personal organisation, security and hygiene when in in a foreign climate and learn about environmental and cultural factors that they may encounter on their expedition.

In addition to the basic skills that were covered, the group were also given the responsibility of navigating a 10Km trek, and cooking for themselves throughout the training. Food shopping proved to be a new challenge for some, though when split into small teams, each member learned the value of forward planning and budgeting, with some impressive results. A very well prepared Spaghetti Bolognese turned out to be the highlight of the group menu, and it would appear that 20 Litres of lemonade is sometimes unnecessary, and that 20 frozen sausages for £1 is perhaps a less attractive offer than it would seem.

When in Jordan, the group are planning to visit the Dead Sea, the Dana Nature Reserve, the Wadi Rum, snorkel in the Red Sea, camp out under the stars with the Bedouins and see the amazing sights of Petra.

The Jordan expedition departs on 24th May and returns on 1st June. For anyone interested in seeing photos and video from the Jordan Expedition and hearing stories of how the group got on, please come to the expedition presentation in the Thai Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 26th June at 6pm.

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