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During Fairtrade Fortnight, Miss BB, Mr Marriott and the Geography department ran two tuck shops, one in Lower School and the other in Main School. Both sold a wide range of Fairtrade products from flapjacks & Geobars to chocolate and cookies. The aim was to not only raise awareness of Fairtrade amongst Trent pupils, but also highlight and contribute to the work that the Foundation does in countries such as Ghana, Uganda and the Dominican Republic.

Year 8 are presently studying Development and their Geography lessons were focussed on Fairtrade and the students also enjoyed a talk as part of their activities on Field Day raising money for the Kenya project.
The tuckshop took over £680 during the two weeks meaning that the department has not only supported a great cause through the purchase of the produce but will also be able to send the Fairtrade Foundation a cheque for £190 of additional profit.

The Lower School Mug Competition ran by Miss Hills, had lots of excellent entries and it took Mr Webster and Miss BB a long lunchtime deliberating over them. The final three runners up were Daniel Turner (Yr 8), Nina Apoola (Yr 7) and Saskia Redgate (Yr 8) with joint winners Tanvi Tambe & Jasmine Cooper-Isark (Yr8). The runners up will receive Fairtrade Easter Eggs and the winners will have their mugs printed and filled with Fairtrade Goodies.

The department has been thoroughly impressed with the way the Lower School in particular, have engaged in this topic and contributed to the activities. The Geography Department look forward to making the tuck shop an annual way to raise awareness and funds as many students developing a liking for Fairbreak bars and Fairtrade Dairy Milks!

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