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A Kenyan Field Day For Charity!


As the nation raises money for Red Nose Day, we have also been very busy raising money for the Nyacaba and Gowan Mount schools in Kenya, our two partner schools. Our aim for the year is to raise a minimum of £10,000 for projects at these schools. We hope to run annual trips to the schools where we can assist them with their projects and also provide our own students with memorable and educational trips during their time here at Trent College. The first trip’s preparations are well underway and students from Years 11 and 12 are eagerly anticipating our visit to the schools this July.

So today, as part of their ‘Field Day’ the majority of students have been split into ten groups and participated in a range of activities in support of the schools in Kenya and have donated £2 each.

The day started with a presentation about the Kenya project from Mr Cowie and followed by African themed activities throughout the day. This included a sponsored run/walk around the grounds of the school by the students, all of whom were sporting some great onesies and morph suits!

An African theatre group gave an outstanding dance, drumming and storytelling performance and a Fair Trade talk was given by guest speaker. Students involved in this then had the opportunity to take part in a debate on this.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in Field Day for your continued support.


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