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Bang Goes the Theory!

Extra Curricular

Student Peter Nathanail reports:

“Over Christmas my family and I were filmed by the BBC for episode one of their new series of Bang Goes the Theory, a science program presented by Maggie Philbin.

 My dad was contacted by them regarding an episode to do with the safety of plastics in food because we are an environmentally minded family, and we try to recycle where possible!  Also, we don't use cling film because of the risk of contamination of the food wrapped in it by plastics.

The episode as a whole considers the problems and benefits from using plastics, and looks at ideas such as turning plastic into fuel and recycling plastic waste.

 As someone who is interested in science and especially recycling and the environment, this was really exciting. During the filming we had to empty our house of plastic, but this was a much harder task than we first anticipated, as plastic can be found in things as diverse as fleece jackets and tin cans.

 The most dangerous chemicals found in plastics are called BPA and phallates, so we also had samples sent off to a laboratory to confirm if we had any plastic in us, but if you want to find out if we are all poisoned or not, you will have to watch the episode!  It is available on BBC iPlayer now, until next Monday.”

Click here to watch the episode featuring the Nathanail family!

(spot the Trent College product placement in the bottom photo!)

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