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2012 GCSE League Table Update

Academic Examinations

As you may be aware the BBC news website and subsequently some local media sources have reproduced Department of Education league tables which placed Trent College 2nd from bottom in Derbyshire Schools, stating that only 35% of students attained at least 5 A*-C grades at GCSE when including English and Maths.

This figure is wildly inaccurate, as in fact 92% of our pupils achieved 5 or more A* to C grades (88% when including English and Maths), which would place us 3rd in Derbyshire in these tables.

We are very proud of our pupils’ excellent exam results which overall were in fact the second best ever results in the school’s history, with many students managing to secure straight A* and A grades across all of their subjects. A massive 46% of all GCSE exams taken last year were graded at A* or A grade. In addition Trent College students achieved a value added score of + 0.33 (which measures progress from age 11) and we are confident in our ability as a school to help each pupil achieve their best.

Please click here to see our GCSE results from 2010-2012 and please click here to see our A Level results across the same period.

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