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New National Educational Conference at Trent


On Friday 7th June we will be hosting a new national Heads & Governors Conference - entitled a 'A Time to Lead'.

The conference will explore the best ways Heads and Governors can work together for the common good of their school and pupils.  With issues such as curriculum and exam reforms and the government’s Academies programme, impacting on both the state and independent sectors, strong, co-ordinated leadership is critical in ensuring schools, and their pupils, can continue to prosper and flourish both in the immediate and long-term.

 It will give dedicated time outside of school hours for Heads and Governors to reflect on the current issues in education. It will also give them the opportunity to network and share ideas with other Heads and Governors, as well as hearing the thoughts of the keynote speakers. Schools from both the independent and state sectors (junior and senior) are invited.

The speakers for this event have been confirmed as:

  • Mr David Hanson - Chief Executive, Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) - on Junior and Senior Heads working together effectively with Governors
  • Mrs Christine Ryan - Chief Inspector of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) - on what excellent governance looks and feels like in outstanding schools
  • Mr Bruce Potts - renowned educationalist & founder of Primary Transformation - on ensuring schools are thriving, happy places where children love to be
  • Mr Humphrey Walters - leadership expert - on the value of building high performance teams in schools

 David Hanson insists schools boast a wealth of talent, skills and expertise to build sustainable models to create the future, but success only comes from working together. He believes schools can only benefit when Heads and Governors take advantage of dedicated time outside of school hours to reflect on the current issues in education, and the opportunity to network and share ideas with other Heads and Governors.

He said: “Education is facing enormous challenges, not just economic but also political pressures on our schools. Strong leadership is a key factor in all successful schools yet leadership can be a very lonely job. In the challenging environment we’re experiencing it shouldn’t be one group of people going it alone but everyone working together. “In successful schools people can be open, share ideas and listen to and learn from each other for the common good of the school. The governors can take care of the strategic issues but trusts the Head to get on with the day-to-day running of their school. Any joint events for Heads and Governors, such as this inaugural ‘A Time to Lead’ conference, are hugely-valued experiences.”

Gill Dixon, Head of Trent College commented "we are delighted to be hosting the inaugural Independent Schools Heads' and Governors' Conference here at Trent College in June. The strategic leadership of our schools is key to maintaining the independent sector's reputation for innovation and excellence, but there are very few opportunities when Governors and Heads can spend time out of school together. This conference is an ideal opportunity not only to hear from an impressive list of speakers, but to spend time reflecting on everything we do and crucially, to meet fellow Governors and Heads."

Keith Morrow, Head Master of The Elms, Junior School to Trent College commented "what makes this conference unique and potentially very exciting is also the opportunity it gives to bring Heads of Junior and Senior Schools together with their Governors. Building and sustaining a strong relationship and common purpose between junior and senior heads is the key to ensuring schools can continue to prosper in these economically challenging times. "

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