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Students get creative with Children in Need

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Students at Trent relish any opportunity where they can help others less fortunate than themselves and as always, The Children in Need appeal will be benefitting from the wealth of fundraising events and activities organised by our boarding community, due to take place on Friday.

From the physically challenging 24 hour football match and the‘Fluorescent Pentathlon’ to the inventive ‘wheelbarrow campus taxi’ service, our students have been truly creative with their fundraising ideas this year.

There will be an array of cakes, sweets and drinks being sold throughout the day and if you fancy a taste of the states, pop into Bates House where they will be happy to serve you Coffee, waffles and hot dogs in their American Ranch style diner. Martin House will have a chocolate fountain on offer along with some delicious Crispy Kreme donuts. They are also raffling off some great prizes including a round of golf and a Thai massage.

A full list of activities:


1. 24 hour football match   16:45 – 16:45 (Saturday) - Top astro
2. Sweet shop                  Break time and Lunch time - Follow arrows
3.Music Concert               20:30May Hall


1.Fluorescent Pentathlon   5:00am start - Around campus
Click here to sponsor the Bates Girls:


1. American Diner              Break time and Lunch time - Blake House Kitchen
2. Wheelbarrow taxi service - All day - Around Campus
3. Wheelbarrow across Yosemite National Park - All day - Around Campus


1. Madagascar Marathon   All day - Around Campus
2. Selling Crispy Kremes   Break time and Lunch time - Martin House
3. Chocolate Fountain       Break time and Lunch time - Martin House
4. Raffle                           Break times and lunch times leading up to Friday and during FridayY9, 10, 11 -                                       Quads & The Elms car park

Make sure you bring lots of change in readiness to help Trent College raise money for Children in Need!

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