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Bates Girls Cheer on the Nottingham Panthers


Earlier this month, the girls in Bates House enjoyed a memorable night at the Capital Arena in Nottingham where they supported the Nottingham Panthers in their victory over the Braehead Clan. They received a warm welcome from the team and even got to meet the squad’s Vice President, David Clarke. Tori Bates, Head of Bates House tells us more…

Being a fierce GMB Panthers supporter, I organised a house activity to go to the Capital Arena and watch them in action. We were all really excited and armed with our smoothies, we settled into our seats ready for the game ahead. The Braehead Clan are a tough team so the game was intense, we were cheering our heads off, willing the Panthers to win. At the end of the first period, we were lucky enough visit the VIP section and meet David Clarke – vice Captain. He was lovely, very chatty and open to signatures and photos. By the end of play, it was 4-4 and with 5 minutes extra time, Panthers won 5-4 and the Bates’ girls celebrated and cheered! The atmosphere was phenomenal, we even got a special welcoming mention on the live screen!

We finished the night with burgers and chips at McDonalds, a wonderful, memorable experience was had by all!

Tori Bates Head of Bates House

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