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Scarborough data collection Year 10

Trips and Excursions

Yesterday saw 71 Year 10 pupils set out bright and early with the Geography department armed with clipboards - their destination being Scarborough North and South Bay. The pupils began by conducting a simultaneous pedestrian count across 3 km - somewhat of a feat to pull off with so many students at 40m intervals but thankfully the endless planning meant the task worked seamlessly. They then split into their small working groups and took sunny Scarborough seafront by storm, surveying land use, services, environment quality and asking questionnaires and interviews for an hour and a half over 1.5km. Lunch was delightful as the cohort tucked into fish and chips or subways and enjoyed a brief interlude on the beach. Some of the girls stroked the donkeys, some enjoyed the sun on their faces and mainly the boys hit the penny slotters armed with ice creams. The afternoon followed the same format as the morning, but in the other bay and the students worked quickly and efficiently whilst enjoying a beautiful day.

My thanks go to Year 10 for their good humour and hard work and the department for all their support- Mrs Harris and Miss Yates for ferrying groups between bays, Miss Hills and Mr Marriott for cycling fearlessly up and down the seafront and Mr Hartley and Mr Shuttleworth for cajoling and supporting the students. A great day was had by all, and made all the more pleasurable for me as it ran like clockwork and the students enjoyed themselves.

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