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Geography Awareness Week


This year the Geography department has undertaken their largest project yet for the Geographical Associations national Geography Awareness Week. The year 9 have been looking into sustainability issues and focused on wastage at school, mainly electricity, food and water.

9A have conducted energy surveys around campus, and interviewed Mr Gregory, Ms Betts, Mr Bowler and Mr Flewitt to get an insight into how much of these commodities we use at Trent and to think about how we could reduce wastage. In lunch all last week, Miss BB and various Year 9 stopped students and staff to ask why they had left their food and to raise awareness of the impact waste can have large scale. Their feedback was then given to the catering staff to help potential improve service and reduce future waste. Photos of the waste each lunchtime were published daily on the plasma’s and infinet, to try to make our community more thoughtful in the choices they made and the amounts they took.

9C – have been investigating ways in which the school can become more sustainable. They have considered how we can reduce energy usage, minimise food waste and make the school community more aware of the role the individual can play. They have understood that it would be completely unrealistic to say that they will try to completely stop producing food waste or not using paper and have therefore thought of ways in which the food waste and paper waste can be recycle or reused.

Miss Hills and her Year 9’s interviewed students and made a video which they then showed in Lower School assembly and Mr Hartley’s groups made posters to try to get people to change their habits and turn off lights and projectors when they leave rooms. Peter Nathanial and Dom Kalantary (Year 11) were excellent sources of knowledge during this week and were happy to help the groups who focused on recycling and waste. They are working on the eco-school green flag award, and so all data collected will be passed onto them.

On Thursday, Mr Marriott and Miss BB got all students to scrap food waste into large bins to see just how much we produce as a school in just one meal. The results were staggering and this sparked discussions with the catering team over ways to reduce this. We also worked hard on making the students more accountable for their waste, suggesting they take smaller portions, read the menu properly and ask for less if they are not as hungry.

The Geography department were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm students showed during the week; Paige Gillott produced a superb video which was used in assembly, Finley Willetts and Andrew Mitchell emailed departments after they had conducted their electricity survey to raise awareness of repeat offenders and Peter Nathanial and Dom Kalantary were actively involved in the plate scrapping and subsequent discussions with catering.

We would like to thank all those students and staff who got involved, we hope everyone enjoys a peaceful break over the summer and remember “if you don’t need it, don’t take it”!

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