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Our Famous Matrons


Our boarding matrons were featured in a magazine article that was published recently in its entirety in a new publication called “ The Best in Education”.

Some quotes from the article include:

'You think with teenagers you are doing something and it goes unnoticed,' explains Maggie, 'but then something happens and they realise you are there for them. It is just doing little things; it is like being a Mum to them.'

There are, says Heather, 'aspects that sometimes you cannot plan for. It is that diversity that makes the role so interesting. Every day is different. That is what is fabulous about it.'

'The boys talk to me such a lot and you find out things which other members of staff wouldn’t. Boys come and chat when they break up with their girlfriends or need to talk to someone. I know afterwards they will be OK.'

To read the full article on our Boarding Matrons, Click Here.

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