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Katie Experiences Life in Ghana

Alumni (OTs)

Former student Katie Elcock left Trent in July 2012. Having always wanted to do a year in a third world country since she was in Year 11, Katie decided to join ‘Project Trust’, who let young people experience life in Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Caribbean, not as a tourist but as a valued member of a local community.

Katie had a desire to work abroad since year 11 and enrolled in Project Trust. Katie initially wanted to go to Peru, but near to when she left in July, she was allocated Ghana as the country she’d be spending a year in.

Upon arrival in Ghana, Katie quickly adjusted to a new lifestyle, with a very different approach to here in the UK. For example, in Lolobi Kumasi (the small, rural community that Katie was staying), they only have access to electricity for 3 out of 7 days in a week and they have to fetch water every day to be able to shower and have a daily supply.

Katie writes, ‘Having lived in or near a city all my life, it is great to have come to Lolobi Kumasi and be introduced into a small, rural community. Everyone is incredibly friendly and made my partner and I feel very welcome.’

Unfortunately, due to injury, Katie had to return to the UK after nine months of being out in Ghana, however, she intends to go back in the next three weeks to complete the incredible experience that she became a part of.

Whilst teaching English to the children over there, Katie got 50 of them to write letters to our Year 9 students at Trent College. During a talk in Assembly this morning, Katie asked our Year 9’s to volunteer to write back to the children in Ghana and she will personally hand deliver the letters when she goes back out there. 

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