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A-Level Success Again for Trent College Pupils


There were plenty of smiles and relieved faces at Trent College this morning as students celebrated their very strong batch of A-Level results with the realisation that all of their hard work had paid off.

Trent College’s 96 final year students secured an outstanding overall pass rate of 99.3% with a third of all results at the top A* and A grades. Amongst those with the biggest smiles included a large group of students who all scored at least three A grades. 

The top performing students this year were Blaise Dowell and Emma Young who both secured four straight A*s.  Blaise will be taking up her place at Cambridge University to study Economics and Emma will go to Bristol University to study Maths.

Blaise, after finding out how brilliantly she had done, said, “I’m really shocked and I’m excited to be going to Cambridge. I can’t believe it, I’m just so shocked. I’ve worked really hard and I’m really happy with my results.”

Emma Young was also very excited with her four straight A*s, “I got 4 A*s so I’m really, really happy! It’s what I was hoping for but, obviously, I didn’t really think that it would happen! ”

Charlotte Gregson should also be mentioned after receiving three A* grades and one A grade which will allow her to study her chosen degree of Chemistry at York University. Charlotte said, “I’m really happy to be going to go to York, which is my first choice university, to study Chemistry, I’m really happy! I’m also relieved that Tennessee got in as well.”

Charlotte is referring to Tennessee Hickling who achieved his two As and a B, and will join Charlotte on a Gap Year together before taking up their places at York.  Tennessee commented, “I’m really happy that I got into my first choice university to study Computer Science, I felt that it could have been 50/50 as to whether I got in, as with one exam I wasn’t sure if I had done enough – but in fact I got an A, so, I made it!” 

Rohan Desai has secured his place to study medicine at Nottingham University with his achievement of one A* and two A grades in Biology, Maths and Chemistry.  Frances Marshall has also achieved her required grades for a place on the much sought after Brunel University Physiotherapy course, with an A*, A and B grade from her studies in Physical Education, Geography and Biology.  Frances achieved these grades whilst also competing throughout her studies in regional and national swimming competitions.

Trent College students will be heading off to a number of other prestigious universities including Warwick, Birmingham, Durham, Manchester and Leeds.

Tom Hutchinson who’s A, A, B grades have secured him a place at Nottingham to study Mechanical Engineering, was delighted, he said, “I got two As and a B! I’m psyched!  I didn’t get any sleep last night, but now I’m ready to celebrate!  The results are pretty much what I expected, good overall, and I’m in and that’s all that matters!”

Madeleine Smith who undertook the busy and prestigious role of Head of School in her final year scored two A* and one A grade. She said: “It's a great way to end a fantastic seven years at Trent. I am delighted that the hard work that my teachers and I have put in has paid off. I'm a little sad to leave Trent, but very excited to be off to Edinburgh for four years to study English.”

Not everyone is going to be heading to university immediately however.

Katie Elcock and Rebecca Butcher have each chosen to spend next year as a volunteer with Project Trust, working on charitable initiatives in third world areas.  During Year 13, as well as their successful A Level studies which will allow them to take up university places on their return, they each had to raise over £5,000 through conducting their own sponsored events such as concerts, raffles and quizzes which took considerable time and dedication. 

Mrs Dixon said: “We are again so proud of the achievements of our students and teachers. In the ever-increasingly competitive higher education market, securing the grades needed to meet the requirements of a student’s first choice university becomes ever more important. It is our priority that our students get to where they want to go and the chance to become what they want to be.”

Congratulations to all of our Year 13 students!

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