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Boarders Enjoy a Day at the Theatre


Last weekend, the boarding community embarked on a trip to London to see Shrek at the Drury Lane Theatre. It was a truly memorable occasion for all, below is an account written by Chloe Lidgett,Year 10 student from Bates House.

"The boarding trip to London at the weekend was great! We travelled on the bus to London, the train would have been quicker but the bus journey was a fun start to the day! When we got there, our first adventure was a tube trip to Harrods. We all bought chocolate to munch on whilst watching Shrek. We then made our way to the theatre and relaxed in time for the start of the show. We were all pleasantly surprised at how great the show was, we were all laughing and singing along to the songs we knew throughout! It was one of the best trips I have been on with school. I can't wait to go again!!"

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