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Based in the new Careers & Higher Education Centre, careers education forms a continuous thread throughout our pupils’ lives at Trent College and is an essential element of their education.

It provides a stimulating framework around which our pupils can develop their self-awareness and confidence by building on their experience, so they are equipped to make balanced and informed decisions at each stage of their school lives. Fundamental to our careers programme is the understanding that every pupil is unique and needs to plan a career path that suits his or her individual aptitudes and personal qualities. Therefore, careers education is continuous and ongoing and our pupils discuss career options with our specialist careers staff, tutors and subject teachers at each stage of their development.

Early exposure to the Careers & Higher Education Centre and the careers area of the School Library is vital. These locations are open to all students who are encouraged to explore the numerous career avenues available to them and the various resources including information on university entrance, apprenticeships, gap years and work experience.

At Trent we are fortunate in being able to call on a wide network of Old Tridents, our alumni, and local employers who provide stimulating work experience placements and willingly give up their time to give talks and presentations to our students.

Download our Career Journey Infographic here 

Year 7…Raising self-awareness through exploration

Our Year 7 pupils discover what they are good at and what they like through fun-filled practical group activities. They explore different ways of acquiring information. Pupils imagine themselves in different contexts and discover how they act within them - at school, at home, with friends, on holiday, under pressure.  Students use role play and research to discover which careers suit them. Mock interviews allow pupils to think on their feet and to focus on the skills particular careers require. They love it!

Year 8…Encouraging teamwork

Year 8 pupils do activities which encourage them to think creatively and laterally in finding solutions to problems. They investigate a diverse range of different jobs and have to identify the key skills for each. They learn to negotiate, to compromise, to work as a team, to arrive at a group decision. Pupils learn how careers and people evolve leading to people changing jobs.

Year 9…Connecting subjects and careers

Year 9 pupils are introduced to their GCSE options through Launchpad an online programme that identifies subject specific skills so that pupils discover more about their subject options and identify how each subject supports career choice

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Year 9 pupils gain their first taste of the excitement university life offers through interaction with university outreach teams.

Year 10…What’s my line?

The highlight for many Year 10 pupils is the ‘What’s my line?’ event when pupils try to establish the careers of past Trent students in 12 quick fire 7 minute interviews. Pupils also embark on a further voyage of discovery by following the ‘new Kudos’ an online programme which allows them to explore suggestions based on their interests and educational aspirations or look at their own career ideas.

Watch highlights of the 'What's my line?"  careers event

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Pupils are also welcome to attend our careers and HE fair where 50 university and career areas provide invaluable information allowing pupils to shape their futures.

Pupils may also attend the Student World fair which informs students about opportunities for eventual study abroad.

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Year 11…Making it real

All Year 11 pupils take part in the Cambridge Occupational Analysts' (COA) Preview interest questionnaire and Cambridge Profile aptitude test to combine student aptitudes and interests to provide pointers to future career plans and university courses. Students have a one-to-one interview with a member of the COA careers guidance team. The report gives pupils’ interests profile and identifies potential careers and areas of interest, as well as highlighting which A levels are required for particular degree courses; it therefore provides an invaluable platform for discussion between student, tutor and parents. 

Year 11 students also attend the Trent College Careers and Higher Education Fair in November and The Student World fair which informs students about opportunities for eventual study abroad.

Experiencing work

At Trent College we have a work experience program which enhances pupils’ employability skills by exposing them to working environments, and allowing them to see how their school studies can be practically applied. Work placements provide pupils with hands on experience which facilitates decision making and allows them to make more confident A-Level choices. We consign the last 2 weeks of the Trinity term (after GCSE exams have been completed) to work experience. Pupils are provided with careful guidance on how to gain a placement, whether this be through parental contacts, the OT database, or our database of employers who have provided work experience in the past.  

A guide to Work Experience at trent college 2017

Year 11 Work Experience Testimonials


Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and record the skills they have learned from these experiences. This provides useful evidence for inclusion in personal statements when it comes to applying to university and employment. Each pupil’s personal tutor visits or telephones him/her while on placement, helping pupils reflect on their experiences. At the end of the placement students and employers fill in an evaluation form which forms the basis of a conversation with students’ tutors in the 6th form and contributes towards future decisions

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