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Trent College is an Anglican foundation with our Chapel at the spiritual heart of our school.

Every morning one tier of the school takes part in an act of Christian worship in our Chapel. Although we recognise that many of our pupils do not follow the Christian religion and may follow no faith at all, we have an expectation that they respect our Christian values. This includes attendance at Chapel and respect for our Chapel as a physical representation of the Christian foundation of the School.

The content of Chapel Services is, of course, Christian, but not unquestioningly or insensitively so. It is sensitive to other faiths & beliefs and recognises the strength we get, both individually and as a school, from embracing cultural diversity and tolerance. The purpose of Chapel can be summarised as:

  • Encouraging and promoting an awareness and understanding of the Christian faith, which is our heritage both as a school and as a culture. Naturally we expect all our pupils to make their own decision about questions of faith and belief, but we believe that it is important that this be an informed decision, and chapel exists to provide something of the information and experience they will need
  • Promoting an awareness of the spiritual dimension to life, and of spiritual and moral values, which remain important whether we subscribe to a particular faith or not

Our Chapel services occur every morning between 0840 and 0855. There are also evening Chapel services for our boarding community. Our Chapel Choir is also a much admired feature of many of the evening services.

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