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Trent has a school uniform and we expect the boys and girls to wear it smartly both at school and on any visit away from school.

On working days, it is expected that full school uniform is worn on journeys to and from school.

Senior School uniform consists of: school blazer, house school tie (optional for girls), trousers (boys), skirt of knee length only (girls), plain white collared shirt (if girls are not wearing a tie, the blouse should be tailored with a revere collar), navy V-necked jumper, black supportive shoes with a sturdy sole that can have up to a one inch heel and are non-fabric based.A low heeled shoe or a ‘sturdy pump’ are acceptable, dark socks or tights, dark overcoat and a school scarf.The top button should be fastened and ties worn correctly. ‘Hoodies’ are not part of our uniform.

Official Trent games kit should be worn for Games.

Outside of the classroom and Games, clothing suitable for the activity being undertaken, and as instructed by a member of staff, should be worn. Coloured T-shirts or coloured bras should not be worn under white shirts.

  • Make up: Students do not wear make-up. Eyelashes should not be dyed.
  • Jewellery Small: Stud earrings (one in each ear for girls only) and one modest piece of jewellery, such as a finger ring are permitted. No bracelets or wrist bands and other adornments should be worn.
  • Hair: Hair for girls should be neat, out of the eyes and of one natural colour without adornments or extensions. Boys’ hair should be neat, out of the eyes, above collar length, of one natural colour and not shorter than a number 3 cut.
  • Nail varnish: No nail varnish should be worn.
  • Piercing: With the exception of stud earrings (one in each ear for girls) no student should have body piercing.

Sports Kit

For our Sports kit we are using Gilberts, Grays and Gray Nicholls clothing, which are recognised international sports brands.

Sports Kit 2016-2017

School Shop

The school shop is situated next to our chapel. 

Term Time Hours
Tuesday 12.00-17.00
Wednesday 08.30-13.30
Thursday 12.00-17.00
Saturday 11.30-17.00

Half Term and Easter Holiday Hours
Wednesday 08.30-13.30
Saturday 11.30-17.00

Summer Holiday Hours
During school summer holidays the uniform shop follows standard term time hours. 

Christmas Holiday Hours
The uniform shop has now closed for the Christmas holidays and will re-open on Saturday 5 January 2019 (11.30-17.00)

Please note that the uniform shop is always closed on Exeat weekends.

During the summer holidays, we offer private appointments for parents of new starters on the dates listed below. These appointments must be booked in advance by calling the shop during opening hours.

Monday 9 July 10.00-16.00
Friday 13 July 10.00-16.00
Monday 16 July 10.00-16.00
Friday 20 July 10.00-16.00
Monday 23 July 10.00-16.00

If you wish to contact us or to check stock availability, please telephone the school shop on 0115 871 7661.

As New Shop

Trent Parents’ Association has an ‘As New’ Shop which sells outgrown school uniform and sports kit on behalf of parents. These clothes are very reasonably priced and of good quality. All funds raised are for the Trent Parents Association.

The shop is currently open on the first Tuesday and third Thursday each month from 16.00-17.00 until the end of Trinity term.

Donations of good quality Trent College uniform can be handed in to Haughton Lodge at any time throughout the school year.

Find us - the shop is off the main drive. If you walk to the left of the art rooms into the school site you will spot it on the left hand side.

Any questions regarding the 'As New' shop, please email us:

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PHONE: 0115 849 4949

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