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There are four boarding houses at Trent – two houses which have boarders from ages 9-18 (Shuker for boys & Bates for girls) and two houses that are for senior students only (Blake for boys and Martin for girls).  

We provide our boarders with a choice of which house best suits them for their Sixth Form years. Some prefer to mix predominantly with those of the same age, as a first step toward University life, others enjoy a mix of ages where they can be in a position to advise, support and guide younger boarders.

The houses can accommodate up to 54 students in modern, well-furnished single or double study bedrooms.

The younger year groups are in shared rooms, so they always have a friend with them. All bedrooms have personal storage areas, safes, desks and internet points. With modern technology it is very easy for our pupils to keep in touch with friends and family at home and personal laptops and mobile phones are allowed. We also ensure that our boarders can use our excellent computer network to communicate with home on a regular basis.

Each house also has their own cosy Living Room areas complete with TVs and games. Pupils have access to kitchen areas where they can make their own snacks and enjoy those provided by the school. 

Shuker House (Boys)

Welcome to Shuker House

Firstly congratulations! You are part of a very unique experience that is boarding at Trent College. Boarding arms you with essential skills, skills that will enable you to achieve within school but more importantly, skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life and help you with in a social setting and also within the workplace.

In life, people are often thrust together to form a team, whether it’s a group of actors performing a Shakespeare play, musicians forming an orchestra to perform a piece of music, sculptors creating a masterpiece or a group of professionals racing a formula 1 car. All these teams, although very different, ultimately share one thing in common - in order to succeed, they must all work together. Shuker House shares the same trait.

Shuker House is a safe, respectful and caring environment that empowers you to become a positive role model who achieves the very best both academically and in the many other opportunities available to you. For this to happen, we must all work together.

What makes for successful individuals and ultimately a successful team? Look no further than ‘respect’. Respect for yourself, respect for those around you and respect for the environment that you are in. If you can always keep these three things in mind during your time boarding at Trent College then you will be a credit to yourself and Shuker House.

Mr Jimmy Omran
Shuker Housemaster

Bates House (Girls)

Welcome to Bates House

Bates House has a wonderful friendly, family atmosphere with happy, enthusiastic girls ranging from Year 6 to Year 13. They all get along fabulously well and often participate in House and School events together.

We are very proud of the fact that we have girls not only from around the UK, but also from Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Germany, Italy and China. This wonderful diversity makes the House a very interesting and exciting place to be. We have House tutors who teach a range of subjects such as Biology, Geography, Maths, French and Spanish, who are on-hand to help our girls achieve their very best in their academic studies.

We offer an extensive activities programme which includes meals out, trips to Nottingham Arena to watch Ice Hockey, dance classes, Mindfulness/ Breathing Space sessions, ice skating, Christmas shopping and many more. The girls also enjoy many ‘in-house’ activities such as pyjama parties, ‘face-pack & fudge cake’ evenings (a real favourite!). The girls also enjoy dressing up for the Christmas and Valentine’s Balls and are currently organising a joint Bates/Martin House ‘Shabby Chic Boutique’ Party. 

Mrs Heather Shaw
Bates Housemistress


Martin House (Girls, Sixth Form only)

Welcome to Martin House

Martin House is a busy, vibrant and purposeful sixth form girls’ boarding house at Trent College. Within a safe, supportive and caring environment we enjoy providing a ‘half way house’ between school and post-Trent life, with increasing independence, self-reliance and responsibilities for the 40 young ladies who live here. The majority of our girls join us in Year 12 and include those who have previously boarded at Trent, as well as day pupils who feel that the boarding experience would be of benefit to them in the sixth form. We welcome girls who are new to Trent, as well as international students from a wide range of countries across the world. Additionally, a few Year 13’s join us because they appreciate the extra time that boarding gives them in their final year at school.

Before arriving, a ‘big sister’ will write to you and she will be a valuable point of contact and source of friendly advice both before your arrival and during your first few weeks. Martin girls expect to be able to work hard and play hard and sixth form boarding will enable you to take a full part in all the opportunities that are available, be they in sport, drama, art or music, in addition to being able to maintain a strong academic focus and achievement. The house prefect team takes on some of the responsibility for shaping the ethos and feel of the house and they help to ensure that there we have a strong, inclusive community which is both supportive and sensitive to the needs of individuals. It is the Friday night activities arranged by this group of girls which may well prove to be one of the highlights of your week! Martin House is full of laughter, support and activity and the friendships that blossom here last well beyond Trent. The experience of independence within a strong sense of community will prepare you well for whatever the future may hold and we look forward to you joining us.




Mrs Sue Harris
Martin Housemistress

Blake House, (Boys, Y11 & Sixth Form only)

Welcome to Blake House

'The Team Works' is the motto of Blake House; a mantra which the 32 Year 11 and Sixth Form students who live here adhere to and defend with some passion. This is a community which forges genuine long lasting friendships based on the many shared experiences over their two or three years together. As a team the boys support each other to work hard and play hard; to make the most of the many sporting, musical, dramatic and academic opportunities which Trent offers. It says everything about the nature of, the commitment of and the abilities of the boys who make up Blake that there are so many school prefects amongst the senior boys in the House. Blake is ably supported by an excellent team: by Mrs Justine Rimington who is Assistant HoM, by Mrs Melanie Daniels our Day Matron, by a group of loyal and experienced academic staff who make up the Evening Duty team and by an equally loyal and patient domestic team.

Half of Blake House is new to the community every year and we lose half of our family every summer. Believe me when I say that time will fly when you are a Boarder. As a result we like to ensure that everyone gets to know everyone else as quickly as possible. It helps if you walk into Blake with a ‘can do’ and a ‘have a go’ attitude. It is your participation and endeavour that counts – not your ability. In order to help build these relationships, to ease your settling into Blake, to give you opportunities to lead and shine and to support the smooth running of the house you will be placed into Blake teams when you arrive. These teams are a mixture of new and more experienced Boarders, led by a member of Year 13. Each week one team will be responsible for organising weekly activities and for ensuring the various duties around the House are done well. In addition each team will have a representative to plan and manage major events like the Blake Ball, the Blake Café, the Blake Challenge and the Blake football team. 

Mr Kurt Seecharan  
Blake Housemaster

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