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At Trent College we actively seek to offer students further opportunities to participate, enjoy and gain representative experiences in what are termed ‘Development Sports’.

During the Trinity Term; Swimming, Golf and Athletics are widely participated in and run alongside the Performance sports of Cricket and Tennis. Further to this Badminton and Football are widely participated in over the course of the year

Alongside both ‘Performance’ and ‘Development’ sports, a programme of ‘Participation’ sports is offered. This is aimed at those seeking primarily intrinsic reasons for involvement and include; Adventure Sports (Climbing, Canoeing, Sailing and Mountain Biking), Aerobics, Dance, Basketball, and Fitness Classes.

We believe there are strong benefits from working with professional Clubs and athletes that include; learning from the examples set by the work ethos of these professionals including their dedication to training and healthy eating habits; partaking in specialist training sessions at school run by the Clubs to hone and develop skills specific to their sport; and the opportunity to visit the clubs and watch professionals train and to learn about and use specialist equipment.

At Trent College we have outstanding sports facilities, fully utilised by all our pupils and sports scholars, from an indoor swimming pool, numerous courts and two Astros, to a fully equipped fitness suite, all within our 45 acre campus.

Scholarships are available and our scholars make a strong contribution to the sporting life of the school. They are expected to lead by example, showing commitment to school sport. For further information on Sports Scholarships then please contact the Heads of each sport or the Director of Sport at Trent College.

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