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Staff Directory & Contact Details


If you need to contact the school please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.  The tutor will have given you their contact details at the start of the year.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Head: Mr W J Penty, BA (Hons), Bristol
  • Bursar: Mr S Burnham, BSc (Hons), Loughborough
  • Deputy Head (Pastoral): Mr J Hallows, BSc (Hons), Sheffield
  • Deputy Head (Co-Curricular): Ms L Matthews, BA, Hull
  • Deputy Head (Academic): Mr D Brumby, BSc (Hons), QTS Hull
  • Director of Operations: Mr J EC Gregory, NEBOSH
  • Director of Admissions: Ms R Appleton, BA, Nottingham Trent
  • Director of Staff Development: Mr T Finley, BSc (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham 
  • Director of Teaching & Learning: Mrs J Day, BSc (Hons), University of Aston; PGCE, Nottingham
  • Director of Academic Excellence: Mrs H Johnson, BA, Keele, D.Phil, University of Oxford
  • Head of Sixth Form: Mr P Mayfield, BA (Hons), Nottingham
  • Head of Main School: Mr D Noble, MA (Oxon), The University of Oxford; PGCE, The University of Oxford; MBA, Leicester; MA, Manchester
  • Head of Lower School: Mr G Hope, BA (Hons), York 
  • Head of The Elms: Mrs F Potter, BA (Hons), Bedford College of Higher Education; PGCE, Lancaster 
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J Rimington                          

Boarding Houses

  • Bates Housemistress: Mrs H Shaw
  • Bates Assistant Housemistress: Miss R Sesay
  • Blake Housemaster: Mr K Seecharan 
  • Blake Assistant Housemaster: Mr N Holbrook
  • Blake Day Matron: Mrs J Cook
  • Martin Housemistress: Mrs S L Harris
  • Martin Assistant Housemistress: Miss N Charsley
  • Martin Day Matron: Mrs A Cullen
  • Shuker Housemaster: Mr J Omran
  • Shuker Assistant Housemaster: Mr D Gervis
  • Shuker Day Matron: Mrs D Thomas

Teaching Staff


  • Head of Department: Mrs K O'Hare, BA, Chester
  • Mr A Robinson, BA, MA, Nottingham Trent
  • Mrs V M Prince, BA, Derby


  • Head of Department: Mrs O Finlay, BSc, University College London
  • Dr S Wastie, BSc, PhD, Nottingham
  • Mrs O Finlay, BSc, University College London
  • Miss R Sesay, BSc, University of Cardiff; MSc, University of Leicester
  • Miss J Malpas, BSc, Leeds; PGCE, Leeds Trinity
  • Mrs J Day, BSc (Hons), University of Aston; PGCE, Nottingham

Economics and Business Department 

  • Head of Department: Mrs E Bolu, MA, Nottingham
  • Mr N Holbrook, BSc (Hons), Loughborough; MA Ed, Nottingham Trent
  • Mr D J Tidy, BEd, Nottingham Trent; MA, Loughborough
  • Mrs C E Welsby, BA, Bradford
  • Mr D King, BA (Hons), Manchester


  • Head of Department: Dr C-A Wakerley, BSc, Nottingham; PhD, Loughborough
  • Miss C E Alston, BSc, Nottingham
  • Mrs J Collen, BSc (Hons), Nottingham
  • Mrs L Blackwell, BSc, MSc, QTS, Loughborough
  • Dr J Rubesamen, BA (Hons), PhD, University College Dublin; PGCE, Nottingham Trent University

Classics and Latin

  • Head of Department: Mrs C Applegate, BA, Liverpool, MA, Nottingham

Computer Science

  • Head of Department: Mr S P Reynolds, MSci, Nottingham
  • Mr S Bradwell, BSc (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham Trent University

Design & Technology and Graphics

  • Head of D&T: Mr J Prince, BSc, Loughborough
  • Miss C Etheridge, BA (Hons), QTS, Sunderland
  • Head of Graphics: Mr B J Ward, BSc, Brunel
  • Head of Food & Nutrition: Mrs J Rigley, BA, Loughborough  


  • Head of Department: Ms J Gleeson, BA OU CIPS
  • Mrs S Greatorex, BA (Hons), Loughborough; MA Education, Derby
  • Mr P Shorland, BA, Derby
  • Mrs D Ward, BA, Liverpool
  • Ms L Matthews, BA, Hull
  • Miss N Bogue, BA (Hons), Birmingham; PGCE, Nottingham
  • Mrs L E Fullwood, BA, Sheffield
  • Miss S McCann, BA, Cambridge
  • Mr R H Ayton, BA (Hons), Liverpool; PGCE, Manchester
  • Miss E Richards, BA (Hons), PGCE, University of East Anglia; MA, Warwick

English as a Second Language

  • Mr J Davidson, BSc, Cardiff; MSc, UCL; Dip., Imperial College
  • Miss P A Braddow, BA, Manchester


  • Head of Department: Mrs E Nelson, BSc, Nottingham
  • Mr B Marsden, BSc, Durham
  • Mr C Rawles, BSc, Reading
  • Mr D R Hartley, BSc, QTS, Birmingham  
  • Mrs S Harris, BEd, Liverpool

History and Politics

  • Head of Department: Mrs H Johnson, BA, Keele, D.Phil, University of Oxford
  • Mr P S Mayfield, BA, University of Nottingham
  • Miss E A McKenzie, BA (Ed), Rhodes University  
  • Mr D Gervis, BA (Hons), Southampton

Learning Support

  • Head of Department: Ms C Berry, BA, Nottingham; MA SEN, Middlesex University
  • Miss E Baxter, BA (Hons), MA, Leicester


  • Head of Department: Mr T Finley, MA, Nottingham; PGCE Nottingham
  • Mrs D Sutton, BSc, Manchester
  • Mrs A C Sansom, BSc, Birmingham
  • Mrs J A Gale, BEng, Leeds
  • Dr R C Hansard, BSc, PhD, Lancaster
  • Mr A Tarry, BEng, Loughborough
  • Mr J Omran, BSc, York   
  • Mr M Robson, BA (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham
  • Mr S Bradwell, BSc (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham Trent University
  • Mr D Noble, MA (Oxon), The University of Oxford; PGCE, The University of Oxford; MBA, Leicester; MA, Manchester
  • Miss R Perry, BA, (Hons), Manchester 

Modern Languages

  • Head of Department: Mr K D Price, BA, Cardiff
  • Mrs S Hough, BA, Nottingham
  • Mr C K Kelly, BA, Newcastle/Fukuoka
  • Mrs C H Walker, MA, Manchester
  • Miss P A Braddow, BA, Manchester
  • Mrs S Billingham, BA, Nottingham
  • Mr W Penty, BA (Hons), Bristol


  • Director of Music: Mr C Foster, BA, Nottingham
  • Head of Academic Music: Mrs R Reynolds, MA (Oxon), The University of Oxford
  • Mrs E Gregson, BA (Hons), Nottingham; PGCE, Nottingham Trent University

Physical Education/Games

  • Director of Sport: Mr R Mahony, BSc (Hons), PGCE, Brunel University
  • Head of Department: Mrs A Brighton, BSc, Portsmouth
  • Head of Girls PE: Miss N Charsley, MSc, Loughborough
  • Head of Cricket: Mr S A Boswell, BSc, Wolverhampton
  • Head of Rugby: Mr S McGinnis, BSc, Loughborough 
  • Head of Hockey: Mr I Randall, BA (Hons), Staffordshire
  • Head of Netball: Mrs G L Mayfield
  • Mr G Hope, BA, York
  • Mr S D Wood, BSc (Hons), Loughborough
  • Ms L J Yates, BEd (Hons), Bedford
  • Mr A Benstead, BA (Hons), Warwick 
  • Mrs K Benstead, BA (Hons), Liverpool; PGCE, Loughborough


  • Head of Department: Mr E Hayton, BSc, Newcastle
  • Mr S P Reynolds, MSci, Nottingham
  • Mr N Hart, BSc (Hons), University of London 
  • Mr A Dickinson, BSc (Hons), St Andrews
  • Mr J Snowdon, BSc (Hons), Lancaster   
  • Mr D Powell, BSc (Hons), Loughborough; PGCE, Leicester


  • Head of Department: Mrs P Gandhi, BA, US International University; MBA, Leicester
  • Miss Jessica Malpas, BSc, Leeds; PGCE, Leeds Trinity 

Religious Studies

  • Head of Department: Ms M McDevitt, BSc, Temple University
  • Mr G Butler, BA, Bristol  
  • Reverend Dr B Randall, MA, St Andrews; MSc, Edinburgh; BHd, Manchester; BA, CTG, Oxford

Theatre Studies & Drama

  • Director of Drama: Mrs D Ward, BA, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
  • Head of Department: Mrs J Gleeson, BA (Hons), Open University
  •  Mrs N J Edwards, BA, Warwick; MA, Lancaster

Library Services

  • Head of Department: Ms C Scothern
  • Mrs C Williamson  
  • Wortley Centre Resources Manager: Ms H Steans

Assistant Teaching Staff & Coaches

Foreign Language Assistants

  • Spanish: Mrs A Dorrego Carballas
  • French: Miss P Zenati
  • German Assistant: Mrs I Sinfield

LAMDA Teachers

  • ALAM (Acting): Mrs M McGlade
  • Mrs E Berryman, BA, (Hons), Rose Bruford College of Speech And Drama

Instrumental Teachers

  • Electric Guitar: Mr D Golding
  • Singing: Mrs S J Grange
  • Flute: Mrs K Lyttle
  • Flute: Mrs A Gillies-Loach
  • Guitar: Mr P Sprakes
  • Bassoon: Mr D J Kennard
  • Double Bass: Mr P Skinner
  • Singing: Mr R Roddis
  • Clarinet: Mr P Glenville
  • Percussion: Mrs H Shelton
  • Cornet & Trumpet: Mr I Taylor
  • Piano: Ms B Toyka
  • Piano: Mrs S Henderson
  • Piano and Theory: Mr D J F Woodhouse
  • Saxophone: Ms L A Ryder
  • Violin & Viola: Mrs C Stanley
  • Trombone: Mr W Mee
  • French Horn: Mr D Leeder
  • Oboe: Mrs W McDonald
  • Classical Guitar: Mr J Pagett  

House Contacts

Cavendish House

  • House Manager: Ms J Collen

Hanbury House

  • House Manager: Mr S McGinnis

Kemp House

  • House Manager: Mr D Gervis

Owen House

  • House Manager: Mr S Bradwell

Wright House

  • House Manager: Ms R Sesay 

Other Contacts

  • HR Manager: Mrs M Daykin, MSc, Napier  
  • Executive Assistant to the Bursar/Clerk to the Governors: Mrs M Clay
  • Executive Assistant to the Head: Mrs K Blaylock
  • Deputy Head's Secretary: Mrs A Lawley
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J Rimington
  • Examinations Officer: Mrs C J Slater
  • Chaplain: Reverend Dr B Randall, MA, St Andrews; Msc, Edinburgh; BHd, Manchester; BA, CTG, Oxford
  • Hospitality and Lettings: Mrs S Wallace
  • School Counsellor: Mrs M Braine, BA, Hull

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