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Students enjoy hearing from Top Scientists

Monday, 06 Feb 2012

Earlier in the term 24 of our Year 10 students visited the ‘Science Live’ event at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. The day was comprised of a series of inspiring talks by some of Britain’s top scientists, all working at the cutting edge of their specialisms. Trent College pupils have provided some great feedback, with the consensus that the day was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Below is a report from student Dan Giddins.

“Professor Jim Al-Khalili was probably one of my favourite lecturers at the GCSE Science live show, because he talked about some of the most interesting subjects in physics.

He started off by talking about the theory behind time travel and how it is actually possible to slow time down. He explained that if you travel at the speed of light then time will pass by slower, by bending the space-time fabric. He also stated that it was impossible to travel backwards in time but it could be a possibility to slow time down by traveling forward in time, due to albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and .

Professor Jim Al-Khalili finished his talk by talking about black holes, and how there is a theory that they can be connected by wormhole, because space can be folded over like a sheet of paper. I enjoyed his talk as well as the rest of the Science lectures.”

Source: Dan Giddins, Year 10