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Language Student Reports Back

Tuesday, 06 Dec 2011

 Recent OT, Lauren Henton has reported back to Trent as she nears the end of her first term at University, to update us on how life and lessons here have helped her with her languages course at The University of Birmingham.

"As a student of Spanish, French and Mandarin at the University of Birmingham, I have found that the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Trent College has prepared me incredibly well for studying languages at university level.

At Trent, the languages department offered many trips over the years; to name but a few Santander/Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid and Montpellier. All of the trips included daily language lessons which, whilst they were intense, proved very useful for exam practice and preparation and improving our written and spoken language, and have also prepared me for grammar lectures at university. At the same time as becoming more confident of our language ability, we had planned activities which allowed us to experience the culture and explore the country we visited. One of the best aspects of studying languages at Trent in my opinion is the time we have with our oral assistants. For AS Level Spanish and French I had a one hour one-on-one lesson with a native language assistant each week for each language, which at A Level increased to 2 hours per fortnight. Not only did this allow me to achieve my best in my oral exams, but improved my confidence in speaking the language, which has come in very useful in university oral classes with 10 students!

What made studying languages at Trent so memorable for me was without a doubt the teachers. Any work I was unsure about or needed help with they were always prepared to make time to help me. When the time came to apply to universities and write my personal statement, they gave me so much invaluable advice and encouragement having been through the process themselves. They also have many contacts which have led to me being an Au Pair for a month in France this summer, something which has prepared me so well for living away from home whilst studying at uni. Another contact was an Old Trident who started up a language school in Montpellier offering a range of courses, some specifically designed for A-Level French. I spent a week there in Easter staying with a host family in the centre of Montpellier, which started the ball rolling for my all important A-Levels exams in the summer. I met so many amazing people in such a short space of time, and I got a taste for what my 3rd year of university abroad could be like!

I have so many fond memories of studying languages at Trent, and it has given me the best foundation possible for continuing to study my passion.”

Source: School Office