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The Trent College House system involves all pupils, from Year 7 right through to Year 13.

Each student is allocated into one of the 5 Houses (Hanbury, Owen, Cavendish, Kemp, and Wright) which can be identified either through the colour of House ties or badges.

The House system aims to provide leadership opportunities and to nurture loyalty, fair play and commitment amongst all members of the House. It also offers extra opportunities for students across all age groups to foster relationships, and in some cases give our younger students another older figure to turn to.

Students take part in individual house assemblies and Christmas carol  services which gives them a sense of inclusion and unity. Also, each Friday an array of activities and House competitions take place. Points are awarded to each House depending on where they are placed in competitions, with the winning House to be revealed at the end of each school year.

Some of the successful house events have included; a Wacky Races competition involving a relay race around the school, Rugby and Hockey Tournaments, Quizzes, Guy making and a language based Eurovision Song Contest.

Cavendish House

House Background & Ethos

The House takes its name from the surname of The Duke of Devonshire, the school’s President. This is a historic relationship, with Trent’s Foundation Stone being laid by the seventh Duke of Devonshire in 1866. Today, pupils in Cavendish are encouraged to share and be proud of their strengths, to know and work on their weaknesses and above all, to do their best. By doing so our pupils further invest in the life of school, taking advantage of the wide range of opportunities available to them. House events and competitions give pupils the opportunity to show just how much they care for and value their house.The House is supported by a team of 8 House prefects, who play a critical role in developing and enhancing the strong sense of community between all members of the House. This allows pupils, regardless of age, to feel safe, supported and respected.

Welcome from Mr Phil Shorland, Housemaster

This house is a house of belief. Belief that each and every one of our students can excel at what they enjoy and improve in what they do not. Cavendish celebrates the success of our students, rewarding them to inspire self-belief and healthy motivation amongst peers.

Every Cavendish pupil will have the opportunity to shine and it is my personal goal to ensure that they get the chance. House competitions and assemblies will play a pivotal role in allowing our pupils to express themselves in the way they know best. Our strong tutor team and dedicated House Prefects will ensure that Cavendish House is a team that inspires confidence, belief and success.

'What's great about our house' from the Pupils

I believe that the thing that stands out most is the variety of talents, personalities and friendships that are within the house. Consequently, this creates a strong, well rounded house.

Cavendish is its own tight community, where everyone feels like they can get involved, and where the friendships go further than just year groups.

Hanbury House

House Background & Ethos

Hanbury House is one of the oldest Houses at Trent College and was introduced in 1914. Hanbury was named after a Governor, Edmund Hanbury, and he became Chair of Governors in 1895 until his unexpected death in 1913. He was appointed with JS Tucker (Headmaster) to lead the school ‘ as it faced its most serious crisis in its history’. Hanbury had been a partner in the Truman, Hanbury and Buxton Brewery in Burton and shortly before his death he purchased ‘top field’ and it was intended that it should be called ‘Hanbury Field’.

On the left side after entering chapel there is a memorial window to Hanbury  which was a gift from old boys. The family motto is interwoven in the border of light, ‘Nil desperandum Christo duce’

The ethos of Hanbury House is to respect one another and our environment, to foster independence and friendships and to have high expectations and celebrate success.

Welcome from Mrs Julie Gale, Housemistress

Welcome to Hanbury House. Our tutor team are committed to providing a happy, secure and positive atmosphere for our boys and girls. We care for each other and aim to develop confident and motivated students. We offer a structured environment balanced with encouragement and enthusiasm.

'What's great about our house' from the Pupils

"Hanbury represents the values Trent holds dear; tenacity, teamwork, creativity and critical thinking. We share one aim, to be the best at whatever we do."

Kemp House

House Background & Ethos

In keeping with the spirit of Sergeant Major Robert Kemp who for forty-eight years became the “soul" of Trent, it feels appropriate to continue his legacy in making Kemp a house a place where the pupils feel proud to belong. “Sarge” as he was affectionately known, is remembered for his kindness, courtesy, good humour and generosity of spirit, a “Great Man of Trent” His charisma stretched across all generations, and his loyalty was absolute, his pride intense and his commitment to those around him overwhelming. In Kemp there is a real sense of belonging and mutual support. We develop positive relationships where we recognise each other’s differences and respect each other for these. Creating an atmosphere which develops self-belief and a positive self-esteem with all those within it is crucial. We aim to  embed the values that “Sarge” developed into our Kemp House; the House being a greater force than any one individual within it.  In Kemp House, pupils feel comfortable in a friendly, supportive atmosphere where they are able to deal with the often difficult world of adolescence. Members of Kemp are encouraged to stand side by side, be loyally committed and show a real zest for life. The spirit and qualities of Robert Kemp, ‘Sarge’ are part of the modern Trent.

Welcome from Mrs Sue Taylor, Housemistress

Good and lasting friendships, supportive and caring teachers are a recipe for a happy life at school. A happy life leads to confidence. Confidence leads to students who can achieve and do not know the meaning of ''I can't'. I am privileged indeed to lead Kemp House.

'What's great about our house' from the Pupils

"Kemp is a dynamic thriving house fostering a great team spirit and strong competition fuelled by the wide array of different and contrasting talents".

Kemp may be one in five houses at Trent College, but when it comes to the students within there is a unique spirit. Kemp is a place for new friends, new challenges and somewhere individuals can thrive in a team. Each team member supports each other, and not only as individuals but as a united house, Kemp has gone on to achieve and succeed in the challenges that it has been presented with and will continue to do this."

Kemp is an amazing house that provides all students with a wide range of opportunities. Kemp is gracious in defeat although we are rarely defeated! We are constantly exploring new aspects of Trent life and we are always there for each other."

Owen House

House Background & Ethos

Owen House is the newest of the five Houses at Trent College, coming into existence in 2010. The House is named after Rev J.R.B. Owen, who was headmaster from 1883 to 1890. The Oak panelling in the Devonshire Library was installed by Old Tridents as a memorial to him. As well as being a much loved Master, Owen was also a respected sportsman, who represented England at association football and played cricket for Derbyshire.

Owen House has quickly developed a strong identity within the Trent community and students proudly wear the orange shirt at house sporting  events. The House Crest with the orange background, white chevron and three rampant lions was designed specifically for Owen House by the first House Manager, Mr Alex Hughes, and reflects the vibrant and energetic nature of its students.

The Owen motto; “Make History” reflects the desire of the House to break new ground and raise standards in all that we do.

Welcome from Mr Steve Wood, Housemaster

In my seven years at Trent, I have seen the profile of the House competitions increase dramatically. Students take part in the various activities with an increasing sense of identity every year. Linking the pastoral system with the House structure allows for even greater team spirit to develop within the Trent community whilst providing the opportunities for cross year group mentoring, peer support and natural leadership opportunities within the house.

'What's great about our house' from the Pupils

"Being a part of Owen house means being part of something new and exciting. We look to set new standards, be the smartest and perform consistently well all the time."

Because Owen students always try hard, we win a surprising number of events. We always support each other and I think this helps us to succeed.

Wright House

House Background & Ethos

Francis Wright our namesake and the school founder was a Victorian philanthropist who believed that one would judge a 19th century man not so much by where he was educated but where he sent his children! Trent opened its doors an 1886 and Wright House came into existence some 20 plus years later.

Wright House oozes with enthusiasm and energy for the daily routine at Trent; possibly because no two days are the same and because there is so much on offer whether you are: academic, musical, dramatic, sporty or an all-rounder! Our motto ‘Ad Rem’ (to the point), is a good description of our character; what you see is what you get: well balanced, happy and committed pupils who make the most of the opportunities put before them.

Welcome from Ms Lisa Yates

It is really exciting to play a part in the regeneration of the House system and I am confident that Wright House pupils will follow in the footsteps of our founder and lead by example. They are industrious, confident, happy children with plenty of integrity and spirit. A Trent education is full of opportunity that we in Wright House accept is a privilege to respect and enjoy.

'What's great about our house' from the Pupils

In Wright we do things that are new and exciting … we do things the ‘Wright Way'"

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