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"“I like having a structured, set time for prep so I get it all done”"

Boarding pupil

Welcome to Trent College

Boarders at Trent have the opportunity to play a full part in a wide variety of school activities, excel in their academic studies and still have plenty of time to socialise.

Our extensive grounds offer the space, beauty and scope for recreation; the boarding houses complement that with warmth, care and a place that feels like home.

Meet Georgia - Moving from Day to Boarding

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    • The boarding experience at Trent aims to complement family life. The atmosphere in the boarding houses is characterised by the same friendliness and support which is the hallmark of the School.

      The students themselves come from a variety of backgrounds, some from overseas, some from further afield in the UK and some are local to the Midlands who have opted for the boarding experience because of the many benefits on offer. This diversity is itself another important component of boarding, giving students an invaluable early opportunity to learn about, and appreciate, other cultures and backgrounds.

      Each house is run by an experienced housemaster or housemistress, assisted by a housekeeper, a resident house tutor and a number of supporting evening tutors, all of whom get to know the youngsters in their care extremely well. We also have an on-site Medical Centre with a Sister and nurses who are available round the clock in term time.

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    • What is the Daily Routine of a boarder?

      Boarding at Trent provides a healthy balance of supervised and free time; helping pupils to have plenty of time

      Below is an example of a typical school day for a Trent College boarder:

      Monday – Friday

      both for studies, activities and recreation.

      • 07:00-07:30 Wake up
      • 07:30 -08:10 Breakfast (all together in the dining hall, the Obolensky)
      • 08:10 – 08:15 Registration in House
      • 08:30 Registration with tutors
      • 08:35 School commitments – Chapel/Year group assemblies/Tier assemblies/tutor time
      • 09:00 Lesson 1
      • 12:35-13:45 Lunch time
      • 13:45-16:15 Lessons

      Boarders are allowed off campus when they have finished academic lessons provided they have no further

      commitments, have been granted permission and have signed out.

      After School 

      • 16:35Activities
      • 17:30 Supper
      • 18:25 House registration
      • 18:30 Prep
      • 20:00 End prep for Years 9 and 10
      • 20:30 End prep for Years 11,12 and 13


      Breakfast as Monday-Friday

      • 08:40 Less 1
      • 12:00 Lessons end and there is lunch in the Obolensky

      Boarders not staying Saturday night leave after academic lessons or sporting commitments

      17:00 Tea for Boarders staying at school on Saturday night

      18:00 Meet for activities 



      In Room

      Lights Out










      Sixth Form



      Saturday evenings and Sundays 

      are a bit different and more about a typical weekend can be found on the next page.

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    • Saturday

      Saturdays are very busy with morning lessons and lunch, followed by sports matches against other schools, nearly 80% of Trent pupils partake in at least one competitive sport.

      When the day pupils leave after sporting events, the boarding community along with their tutors, Housemasters/Housemistresses and their families have the school site to themselves. It is a good time to relax after a typically busy school week, enjoy the quieter atmosphere, catch up on prep and to use the school site for recreation.


      There are regular organised activities for boarders to take part in and these are usually on Sundays.  These include theatre trips, cinema trips, sight-seeing, museum tours, team games and social activities.

      In the evening all boarders return and partake in the weekly Sunday chapel service.

      Weekend Timings

      Weekly boarders leave the House on Saturday as soon as commitments have finished and boarders who are going home for the weekend are under the care of their parents.

      Students are not expected to return to the House before 1830 on Sunday evening unless they have a school commitment such as a Field Day activity, a play rehearsal, a team fixture etc. on the Sunday and an earlier return has been agreed in advance with the HoM.

      On those weekends when there is no Chapel Service on Sunday evening, the boarder either has to be back in School by 2130 on Sunday or by 0815 on Monday.

      On those Sundays where there is an evening Chapel Service all boarders must be back in School no later than half an hour before the start of the service.

      Exeat weekends

      Ordinarily, during an Exeat weekend, a boarding house is not under ‘normal’ weekend conditions and pupils and students spend the weekend with their parents/guardian.

      Students are expected to leave the House as soon as possible after 1615 on Friday and return after 2000 the following Sunday. If alternative arrangements need to be made then the Housemaster/mistress must be informed at least 48 hours in advance. It may be necessary for boarders to stay over in another house if, in exceptional circumstances, they need to be accommodated during an Exeat (or over any part of a holiday period).
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    • We are lucky to have a superb catering team here at Trent which makes the most of our state of the art kitchen and dining facility. At lunch time all pupils, day and boarding, eat together in their year groups, in addition to this our boarders enjoy both breakfast and dinner together.

      There is a great variety of food on offer, from traditional British dishes to a host of those from other cultures, catering for global tastes as well as special dietary requirements.