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Students from Trent College have been heading off to exotic destinations on amazing expeditions for many years. The school gives great support to these ambitious ventures as it recognises the value of giving students a wide variety of new experiences;

- challenging them both physically and mentally

- learning the importance of team work

- the opportunity to travel to new countries

- chance to experience different cultures

- have an incredible time and amazing life experience!

The overall aim is to lead a major overseas expedition every two years, giving each Sixth Former a chance to take part. Since 2002, Trent has also arranged a trip for Main School pupils during the summer half-term as an introduction to expeditions. These highly successful trips have lasted up to ten days and involved destinations such as Morocco, Turkey and in 2009, Iceland.

Trent has been lucky over the years to have a good number of enthusiastic and competent teachers who have been more than willing to organise expeditions. The vast majority of the trips have been run by those teachers without using one of the large companies who specialise in school trips. This has given the participants a special ownership of the plans. On return, the expedition groups have usually produced a written expedition report and an audio-visual presentation to a large audience of friends, family and staff, thus using their experiences as a basis for learning new skills.