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Pupil Care

The pastoral system at Trent is designed to provide the highest quality of care to every individual. At the heart of our Pastoral Care is 'respect'; we expect our pupils to have self-respect, to respect their environment, respect everyone within our community and to respect their school. All staff have high expectations of pupils at all times and always treat pupils with respect. This helps cultivate excellent relationships; a feature of Trent College life of which we are extremely proud. Directly supporting our core values, our pastoral care nurtures the academic ability, the emotional resilience, confidence and integrity of every individual and enables them to fully benefit from their time at Trent, so they are prepared for a full, successful and purposeful role in the wider community.

We operate a 'two tier school'; Senior School (Years 7 – 11) and the Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13). This system is designed around the needs of the specific year groups and helps nurture relationships both within and across year groups. We recognize the importance of making the transition from Primary School into Secondary School a smooth one. We go to great lengths to ensure all our new Year 7 pupils feel welcomed, valued and proud to be a Trent College pupil. A safe environment for all new pupils is established to ensure that our new students have a caring and structured introduction to Trent. For the first year of their secondary education, Year 7 pupils are based together in an area of school which provides a secure, structured environment in which our girls and boys grow in maturity and confidence.