Psychology is a popular subject in schools today, and is no less popular at University, whether as a specialist degree or as a Joint or Combined Honours qualification. The Psychology Department at Trent College has been created to meet this demand.

Psychology at Trent College will allow students to encounter a range of very different viewpoints and give them the opportunity to develop analytical and reasoning skills to weigh various interpretations from diverse cultural and historical settings.

2013 brings the introduction to a new exam board.  The current year 13 students will continue to follow AQA- A syllabus, but the Year 12 students will use the WJEC syllabus. This course can be taken as a one-year AS course or a two-year A Level course. 

The A2 Level course is divided into two units giving students a broad knowledge and understanding of the principles of psychological study. Unit 3 covers the topics of Biological Rhythms and Sleep, Relationships and Aggression. Unit 4 covers the topics of Psychopathology (schizophrenia), Psychology in Action (the psychology of addictive behaviour) together with Psychological Research and Scientific Method.

In AS Psychology, students will do units 1 and 2. In unit 1, they learn about four different psychological approaches to understanding human behaviour. They will be able to understand, explain and evaluate these in depth. In Unit 2, students will have the opportunity to learn about 10 fascinating Psychological studies and be able to evaluate them. Research methods will also be covered in this unit. Both units will be examined in the Summer (Tuesday May 13 2014).

Psychology is a stimulating and exciting subject that will arouse an interest in human nature, but it is also an academically challenging subject that requires much further reading and a commitment to study outside the classroom.
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